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Shenzhen Tingju Hotel wall advertising logo projector

2022-04-02  419

This is a hotel in Shenzhen,because his door is facing the front,nothing on the side,many people do not know there is a hotel,and then to customize the luminous word price is too expensive,so the hotel owner Mr.Chen contacted us to customize a wall advertising logo projector.


In fact, it is not diffcult to do  wall advertising,Noparde brand also has a lot of wall advertising experience and cases. Difficult is diffcult there is no building opposite the hotel,from the ground to the projection will be a very big problem is not only the text will be deformed,the passers-by will also block the pattern.

Therefor, after many field visits,er also provided several plans for them to choose ,and finally decided to install a two-meter poleopposite the hotel,so as to avoid the problem of blocking for passers-by and reduce the projection Angle to a certain extent.

On the other hand,Noparde brand can do pattern correction for free of charge,and our pattern correction technology is also quite mature.As long as the projection Angle is within 70 degress and provides us with the projection distance and projection Angle ,we can basically not see that the pattern is inclined projection ,and the deviation can be controlled within one centimeter.

Compared with other manufacturers can not do some pattern correction,some pattern correction need to charge,Noparde brand free correction is also equivalent to a preferntial welfare.


Finally,the projection distance of 20 meters to choose 300watts of wall advertising logo projector,the effect is very good.The hotel owner is also very satisfied,waiting for the boss to open a branch and another projector lamp!

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