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Led safety warning projector lights escort you

2021-10-18  690

As everyone attaches importance to production safety, more and more factories use warning projectors extensively. Before SF Express Co., Ltd. customized more than 700 sets of safety warning projectors under the Noparde brand to standardize the workshop express classification and carry out warning signs.


Why did many people choose the Noparde warning projector?


1.Safety warning projector projects apparent effect is unmatched by floor stickers and spray painting. Ordinary inkjet or floor stickers warn that people’s stepping will quickly fade and wear, and the pattern projected by the projector is a beam of light displayed on the ground. Even if the wind blows and the sun, the high-quality lamp beads used in the lamp will not affect the projection effect, and it is still clear and conspicuous. And the replacement content of the safety warning lamp is simple. Even if you want to change other content, you don’t need to replace the lamp, and it’s not difficult to replace it like the floor sticker and replace the patterns lamp inside.


2.Safety warning projector can move everywhere.

Traditional cordon and floor stickers only apply to areas where the location will not be changed. They don’t meet with some special warning needs. But the Noparde brand owns electric projectors and portable vehicle-mounted and rechargeable projectors. For example, when a forklift is used, it can be connected to a vehicle-mounted projector projection, “pay attention to the forklift, be careful to avoid patterns.” It plays a warning role anytime and anywhere.


3.Safety warning projector is more cost-effective and has a longer life. Noparde brand manufacturer hasn’t intermediary profits. The OSRAM lamp beads and Mingwei power supply used in the projector lamp make it have a service life of up to 50000 hours, which is truly cost-effective and long life.


The Noparde brand carries out research and development breakthroughs, processes updates and quality optimization to cater to lighting needs and lead the trend of the light and shadow. We change the products, but what has not changed is the original intention!

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