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Outdoor high-power gobo projector, make outdoor advertising effect better

2022-03-10  459

Outdoor high-power gobo projector products with its advantages in the field of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising media development to now, has been born to all kinds of advertising equipment, and outdoor advertising projection lamp is new advertising equipment in recent years, outdoor advertising projection is a form of advertising, good advertising can attract attention, eye-catching advertising can let people remember them, choose us, give you different advertising design.Outdoor advertising exists in the real world, and is an advertising product derived from the development of the advertising industry to today. Using outdoor projection lights to do advertising, compared with other large-screen types of advertising forms, the energy saving cost is lower


Why does outdoor advertising need to use high-power gobo projector?

First of all, the above has described why outdoor advertising propaganda needs to use projection lights, so why need to use high-power projection lights to do outdoor advertising projection advertising?

First, first of all, because the outdoor light is generally high brightness, with their own lights to interfere with the operation of our projection lamp products, so we need high-power projection lamp products in the outdoor projection advertising to achieve the effect we want.


Second, then, the larger the outdoor advertising picture, the better the effect, so because of the projection lamp imaging rules, the larger the picture you want to project, the farther the projection distance, the higher the power of the projection lamp.

Third, the better the effect of the advertising projection, the advertisement is projected to the outer wall of the building, or outdoor billboards, because of the projection distance, so you can only choose high-power advertising projection lights


Advertising industry development today, how to find a more energy saving, lower cost, and the effect is not low advertising, is the industry, and the solution of the whole problem, from American consumer association President Nielsen, the latest research report, a quarter of adults after see outdoor advertising will billboard photos uploaded to the world's most popular social media Instagram, this is better than almost any other traditional advertising media (TV, radio, print or digital banner advertising) effect.According to the report, exposure to outdoor ads on Instagram will nearly triple at the same price as other AD forms. Noparde outdoor gobo projector manufacturers suggest outdoor advertising projection please choose outdoor high-power gobo projector, can make your advertising effect better.

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