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Outdoor giant advertising projector building lighting good assistant

2022-04-14  818

Outdoor giant advertising projector refers to the projection giant advertising projection products, outdoor giant advertising projection lamp widely used in the building lighting project, outdoor giant projector products why widely used in the building lighting project, in fact, this benefits from huge projection lamp product advantage, giant projection lamp products compared with traditional wall lamp, light box products, light weight, smaller area, lower energy consumption, lower budget, and use of giant advertising projection lamp lighting building brightness is lower than traditional light box products, from a certain perspective of outdoor giant advertising projector brightness is higher than the traditional light box products


The advantages of outdoor advertising projector are these:

(1) Excellent cost performance

The traditional light boxes and billboards are just a rigid picture, soaked in the sun and rain; the magic beam of PG projection lamp can make the picture gorgeous for a long time, and the five picture conversion function can be put on a cheap wall or ground, both dynamic and make profit doubling, easily realize the business principle of profit maximization.

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(2) Easy access for production and installation

Traditional light box installation is both time-consuming and laborious, consuming not small manpower and material resources, and can not attract the attention of consumers for a long time.Dynamic projection advertising will help you save all the inconvenience and allow you to complete the previous tedious work in a short time.


(3) Flexible and convenient to replace

Every business owner knows that the traditional light boxes and billboards are very difficult to replace.General advertising is very difficult to modify once it is finished.Even if there is such a small change in the address and phone number change, the whole advertisement must be completely overturned, rebuilt, resulting in a huge waste of money and property., And often can not quickly cater to the rapidly changing market, and quickly express the new ideas and new products of enterprises to consumers.Projection advertising is a use of high-power projection equipment, the use of optical projection principle, the use of high brightness light source, the full color advertising content on the substrate projected to the outer wall of high-rise buildings, forming a very rich visual impact of outdoor advertising at night.Its characteristics of high arrival rate, as well as novel and special media forms, dynamic visual effect, can well attract the attention of consumers

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