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“Outdoor advertising projection artifact”–high-power gobo projector 300w

2022-04-09  760

Many businesses'stores are affected by their geographical location,leading to poor business,poor traffic flow and other problems.In fact,these problems can use high-power projection lamps as store logo and promotional information to promote.


Outdoor advertising projection is a kind of high-power gobo projector 300w equipment using the principle of optical projection, using high brightness light source, the full color advertising content on the negative plate is projected to the outer wall or ground of high-rise buildings, forming a strong visual impact of outdoor building advertising at night.

This projection lamp is not only used for advertising, but also can meet the needs of a variety of occasions, such as large building advertising, mountain pattern projection, decoration and lighting engineering, and so on, the use of high-power projection lamp is a good choice.Next, I will show you a few cases of high-power projection lights!

Building advertising projection lights: Shenzhen Tingju Hotel, using Noparde high-power gobo projector 300w, projected to the outer wall of high-rise buildings, forming a strong visual impact of outdoor advertising at night.High-power projection lamp compared with the traditional advertising not only a lot of price concessions, and easy to install, only need to fix the installation position of lamps and lanterns can be, and the later replacement of the content only need to replace the lamp piece can be, two hundred do not need to complete the replacement of the old and new advertising.


Decoration and lighting project: Hangzhou Alibaba outdoor lighting project, using Noparde high-power gobo projector 300w.Although the bright and projected green snowflake pattern looks in different shapes, but its color is close to nature, and the surrounding environment is integrated, I feel that this is a part of nature! Noparde projection lamp pattern can not only project snowflakes, but also can customize other patterns, such as maple leaves, plum blossom, can also customize the text.


Noparde projection lamp lens consists of six layers of precision optical lens, the projection is more HD and exquisite; the lamp whole body integrated design, IP65 level dust and waterproof.

Light beads using the CREE LED imported from the United States chip lamp beads, bright and lasting, service life up to 50000 hours!

This effect is due to years of crystallization from Noparde projector lamp’s design to debugging to continuous optimization.From production to shipment, every step of strict control, to ensure the quality of products, in order to get an excellent projection lamp.Ensure that every lamp in the hands of customers is guaranteed, it is because of our quality pursuit, so many years can get customers at home and abroad.


All in all, using this high-power gobo projector 300w as an advertising carrier is definitely a good choice.Its rich visual impact image display and advertising effect, as well as novel and special media forms, dynamic visual effect, are very good to attract the attention of followers.

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