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Noparde logo floor landscape projector takes you closer to the author of Journey to the West–Wu Cheng ‘en’s former residence

2022-03-24  456

How to remember every summer vacation when I gathered around my family and friends and boradcast Journey to the West on TV? Whenever the music think of ,I believe that can arouse every 80,90 after the youth memories.

Unexpectedly,in early September last year,Mr.Li, the person in charge of WanzhRiver Museum in Huai'an,Jiangsu Province,contacted us and wanted to brighten a scenic spot in the scenic spot.After a detailed chat,I found that it was a lighting decoration for the former residence of Mr.Wu Cheng'en,who wrote the Journey to the West.


In line with the worship of Mr.Wu chengen,we immediately hit the spirit of 12 points,began to recommend suitable lighting products for Mr.Li.

Because they want to project a corridor near the former residence,which is about 20 meters long and needs to project an area of about 2 meters wide,and combine the elements of journey to the Journey to the West,so we recommend the Noparde logo floor landscape projector with the color cartoon image of the master and apprentice.


Due to the projection height is limited,projection distance is only four meters,finally for eight 75watts logo floor landscape projector ,installed every 1.6 meters ,the final effect is very good,even very fine lines can be carved very perfect,clear and bright,colorful,dynamic rotation effect is very striking,often see tourists holding children play around the pattern,tell the children the story of journey to the west by the way.


Everyone has a dream of going to the West,and everyone wants to be the Great Saint of the Sun.Wu Chengen 500 years ago wrote to accompany us countless winter summer "journey to the west",is so the Chinese feelings forever.it is a great honor to Noparde brand can participate in the old wu's former residence lighting project, hope the west spirit forever , have the opportunity to go to Jiangsu Huai'an Mr.Wu Chengen's former residence!

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