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Noparde far distance logo projection on wall is better than other manufacturers

2022-04-30  798

As we all know, advertising projector lamps are mainly divided into two types-close advertising projector lamps and long distance logo projection on wall.

As a member of many projection lamp manufacturers, Noparde long-distance projection lamp is deeply trusted by the majority of wall advertisers.So Noparde far distance logo projection on wall better than other manufacturers?


First, the optical lens of Noparde's far distance projector lamp is a big highlight.Our high-power lens has high definition, high brightness, light source more concentrated and more utilization through the lens, so we also obtain optical patent.The pattern lens inside the lamps and lanterns is imported colored coated glass lens, which is more resistant to high temperature than the general logo lens, the higher the light collection rate, the more light collected.

And the wall advertising projection is the most afraid of the projection of the pattern size is not appropriate, and Noparde long-distance projection lamp lens is optional.The default 1 meter projection is 0.3 meters diameter, proportional projection, farther, closer and smaller.There are also 1:0.2(1:0.65/1:0.87/1:1 customizable lenses) and other optional lenses are available, that is, one meter distance projection 0.2 meters in diameter, to meet the needs of different distances and different sizes.


And Noparde manufacturers can be free of charge for pattern correction.Unique research and development of pattern correction technology, as long as the projection Angle within 70, the deviation can be controlled within 1.5 cm, the naked eye can not see the deformation.

In addition to the Noparde brand high-power lens patent, the bracket also has!Unique U-type support can not only ensure stability, but also support the left and right 180 degrees adjustment, while most other manufacturers can only adjust within 90 degrees adjustment, projection Angle is not limited more convenient!

And we not only pay attention to product quality, pay more attention to projection safety.Between the bracket and the lamp is specially added to prevent the steel wire, better grasp the lamps, to prevent the installation is not tight, the lamps fall, to avoid accidents.


The radiator behind the bracket lamp is also one of the highlights of Noparde's long-distance logo projection on wall.Compared with ordinary radiator, Noparde long distance projector radiator is more than five times longer than the right, using copper pipe heat conduction technology, aluminum fan cooling, faster life longer, using gold Ming latitude power supply, OSRAM lamp beads, so Noparde long distance projector projection effect clear not only beautiful beautiful, huge coverage area, and the service life is longer and more durable.

Noparde brand focus on research and development, production, sales of LED projection lamp, over the years cooperation more than 200000 businesses, accumulated a large number of old, new and old fans, the company team more than 150 people, plant area of 3000, more than 30 professional design team, is an innovation, professional, quality service of comprehensive technology enterprises, whether small wattage advertising lamps, or need projection giant advertising far distance logo projection on wall, deserve your trust!


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