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Logo projector on floor is widely used, what are its advantages

2022-03-05  1,015

Logo projector on floor product is the logo and the corresponding advertising slogan projection display, ground logo projection lamp product is a high time, fashionable new advertising product, break through the conventional thinking of creative advertising; stimulate people's curiosity, make your publicity to achieve better and more beautiful publicity effect.Logo projector on floor products can present logo trademark, picture text logo lamp products, logo pattern rotation display, pattern superposition display, pattern multi-color and monochrome display function; so why Logo projector on floor products in various industries, what are the advantages of products?


Logo projector on floor is also called gobo projector, but why logo projector on floor can be quickly used in various industries, mainly due to its product characteristics, gobo projector products can project high pixel, high quality pattern in any area, such as new product release, store promotion through light, or show some text patterns to increase or strengthen the scene atmosphere, give users a new consumption experience


Main advantages of the logo projector on floor:

  1. The cost of using logo projector on floor products is lower
  2. The projection pattern can be flexible and unaffected by the environment
  3. The pattern size is adjustable, and the size of the pattern can be adjusted at any time
  4. Wide range of application venues: it can be used in supermarkets, exclusive stores, shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, cinemas and other venues
  5. Compared with the traditional display light box products, the logo projector on floorproducts have less energy consumption and lower cost


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