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Is the greater the gobo logo projector lamp power, the clearer?

2022-03-29  418

Many customers will ask the greater the power, the clearer the lamp?

Generally speaking, this is true, but it is also related to the light effect of the lamp (lumens per watt).The higher the light effect, the brighter the power.


Power is important, but there are many factors that have a great impact on clarity!Next, I will give you how to answer your questions

  1. The lens is also very important

The more lenses the number the brighter the imaging we use Noparde gobo logo projection lamp is a 6-layer optical blue light ultra clear coated lens nano concentrating technology The new upgrade optical lens imaging is clearer than some ordinary lenses can improve the transmittance by 35% and look brighter and clearer

  1. The environment can also affect the clarity of the pattern

The darker the environment, the less the impact on the brightness and clarity of the pattern, just like we have a big French window in a sunny weather home, the whole living room is covered with the sun and warm when we turn on the lights basically no effect, so the darker the environment, the clearer the pattern will be

  1. Like a logo lens, or a pattern lens, it can also have an impact on the pattern clarity

The thicker the logo lens, the less the pattern looks not bright enough like our logo lens is ultra clear coated lens color index high reduction color more bright and real

  1. The lamp bead is also our hair light source is also very important

We use brand beads, better patterns, clearer patterns, brighter colors, less light, longer lasting, more durable cost performance


So the gobo logo projector lamp is not necessarily the greater the power, the more clear oh!Other factors are also very important!


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