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How to choose the led embedded projector lights in the shopping mall

2022-07-08  611

With the use of projectors more and more widely used, projectors can be seen in large and small shopping malls.

But there are also a lot of customer feedback why see the mall projection pattern effect is different, this is because the mall is different from ordinary customer projection demand, because the mall general light bright, and are reflective ceramic tile, there are a lot of customers care about projection lamps volume, many will choose small volume of low wattage lamps and lanterns.


So how to destroy the overall decoration style in the case of the store?The Noparde brand of embedded projection lamp is a very good choice.

This is an application case in a shopping mall in Panyu, Guangzhou.The shop owner wants to install advertising projection lights around the store for the store drainage publicity, but on the one hand, the lamps can be installed can be integrated with the design of the store, on the other hand, to ensure the projection effect.

With the lights in the mall, 55-watt embedded projector lights were recommended for installation.Led embedded projector lights are dark clothes, and the pattern clarity can also be adjusted after installation, revealing only the lens part.And the installation is simple, just open on the ceiling lamp cover plate size, connect the wire can be energized to use.


Brightness and clarity is to meet the customer requirements, but the customer put forward I want to install the lamp outside the store drainage, if only vertical play in the store is not the meaning of installing lamps and lanterns, actually this don't worry, because Noparde brand embedded projector lamps and lanterns and other manufacturers of lamps and lanterns on the market overall size, and Noparde embedded projection lamp cover Angle is adjustable, maximum can adjust 15 degrees, can be installed in indoor but outdoor projection requirements, and even if the projection Angle, but the Angle small pattern will not appear deformation ellipse.


Noparde brand embedded money lamps and lanterns can not only for store propaganda drainage, and can be used as a guide logo, warning lamps and lanterns, its light imaging characteristics not like ordinary stick time long old fade, replacement, lamps and lanterns can be used for 5000h, and light decay, pattern clear beautiful, can be used in the mall orientation guidance, propaganda, room number, steps bathroom warning, and so on, etc., is very widely used!

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