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How to choose and use safety sign projector

2022-02-22  751

Since the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Rrepublic of China, China's industrial development and industrialization have achieved great success.On the basis of poor and poor industrial development,New China has established a modern industrial system with a complete rang of categories, becoming the only country in the world with a complete in dustrial system.

The industry is developing rapidly,and production safety can not be ignored. More and more industrial production uses the safety sign projector of the Noparde brand,but do you really know how to choose and use safety sign projector?

The features of the content csutomization of Noparder safety sign projector make it widely used in various scenarios-cranes and cranes,tunnel traffic safety signs,warning lights,operationg area signal lights,etc..which can not only play the role of guidance,but also it is also more convenient and simpler to replace the pattern content than ordinary signs such as floor stickers-just replace the logo lenses.


And how to choose a variety of safety sign projector?

If you want to project the identification line and positionging line on the groung,it is naturally more suitable ofr stationary model projector lamps.The pattern projected by the Noparde brand projector lamp is not only high-definition and bright,but also brightly colored,which is easy to be noticed.

If you want to project it to attract everyone's atterntion,such as "pay attention to wearing a safety helmet","safety first"and other patterns, you can choose a rotating model projector lamp ,which is more eye-catching.


If  you want to project too much content,such as various annotation introductions,so Multiple Patterns gobo projector are suitable - 2-4 pictures can be automatically switched,and the display content is richer.

If the environment is too bright or you want to project at a long distance, you can choose a high-power projection lamp,which can project up to about 300 meters.The unique optical lens paired with imported Osram lamp beads and gold-colored MEAN WELL power supply will provide clearer and more beautiful images,and the serive life will be long-50000h.

If you want to project the contents of "Beware of forlilfts"and Becareful to avoid"on mocing vehicles such as forklifts,you can also choose a portable vehicle model.The vehicle-mounted projection lamp supports  12-80V use, and the car can project the pattern there when the car is driven.The walking warning device is ready to use.


The selection of lamps is also very simple.You only need to understand the distance of projection,the surrounding environment and requirements of the demander.You can choose suitable products according to the actual situation of demander.The price is higher,the effect is better,and the lamps are more durable!

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