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How much is the shopping mall’s exterior building advertising projection?

2021-09-27  494

Shopping mall exterior building projection refers to huge advertisement pictures that shopping mall exterior building use a high power advertising projector.

With the development of the modern business economy, shopping malls attach importance to brand image building. The outdoor projector is important in shopping mall exterior lighting applications. Shopping mall building projection is enough to up to advertisement publicity for the exterior building lighting, and it shows a changing effect for the exterior building image. The following is the projection effect of the building advertisement.


Shopping mall exterior building advertisement projection can achieve a role advertising and create the atmosphere. For improving the atmosphere in the shopping malls, enhancing the customers' traffic is helpful.

Generally, shopping mall exterior building advertising projector uses a high-power industrial projector to project huge patterns through splicing projection. It's a fashionable way to publicity advertising and easy to get customers recognition.


For the fees of shopping mall exterior building advertising projection, we need to determine the specific cost according to the projection distance. The larger the projection range, the farther the projection distance, the greater the power of the projector required, and the more cost is required. Generally, if it is a projection on the outer wall of a shopping mall, the cost of a brand logo is about several dollars. 

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