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How do the logo lens for laser logo projector are made

2022-04-19  497

Laser logo projectors are the core product of projection lamps. With the implementation of national measures for smart city, we can see colorful projection lights on many occasions.Laser logo projector choose the picture in the lens projected through the light source, different patterns need to customize different logo lenses, at this time we will have this question how the picture of the lens is made, that is, how the logo lens is made?


How is the laser logo projector pattern cut on the logo lens?

In fact, the pattern of laser logo projector wants to seal cutting on the logo lens is the need for tools, and this tool is actually a laser marking machine, using the laser marking machine can be engraved on the pattern on the lens, laser logo projector because of its rich light color, low cost and brief control and other characteristics have been widely used.It is now fashionable to decorate the streets and city buildings with projection lights.


Laser marking machine cold processing method carving patterns, this method means is no longer after heating to the appearance of the processed items mark, and laser marking machine is no longer a traditional color symbol, but carved; so has a permanent, the traditional marking technology in China, without consumables, can reduce the specimen money, and choose is computer control, not only can reduce the probability of manual operation, but also can greatly improve the processing work


Laser logo projector logo lens manufacturing

Since now the pattern has been made and carved, so now it is very simple to make the logo lens, in fact, the picture is carved, the logo lens has been made, but for the safety and stability of the later period, the logo lens manufacturing needs to do a grinding and performance testing and other work.

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