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Ground projection light operation scene experience

2023-01-14  230

I believe that many businesses and individuals in today's society have a very deep understanding and attention to customer experience, especially in the rapid development of the Internet today, the drainage of various ways emerge in an endless stream, such as the installation of a ground advertising projection light, some holding stereo hawking, some signs to get bright, some through some media platforms to release a variety of our store product exposure, For some chain stores, I think we should uniformly install color advertising logo projection lights, which can deepen the superficial memory of offline customers.


Last year, Jingdong offline supermarket chain purchased a batch of floor logo projection lights from our company. We had a good relationship with the purchasing staff and colleagues in the Marketing Department at that time. They purchased these lights for the drainage of offline stores, and the positioning was different from that of other small stores for advertising display. Generally, stores are open on both sides of the road, but passers-by will not deliberately look up, so a circle pattern lamp is placed on the ground, which can achieve a transformation of five thousandths. Meanwhile, the diameter of the lamp is mainly between 1.5 meters and 2.5 meters, and the brightness should reach about 10,000 lumens. In this way, the store logo or advertisement can be clearly read. Passers-by also have a good marketing effect. Through communication with professional marketing personnel, I learned that their research on the market and customer segments is really in-depth.


The above is just the small shop, in fact, there are a lot of offline stores do need such marketing methods, if some fast food restaurants, restaurants, noodle shops, teahouses, mahjong shops, characteristics, and so on, our Parkway brand Noparde focus on various scene projection lights, constantly promote new products for the market, In the cultural tourism lighting, industrial crane, safety warnings, advertising cooperation, water pattern dynamics, interactive scenes and other aspects of the problems of high quality and high price to solve some problems, launch inexpensive products, feedback to the market and old customers.

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