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Gobo logo projector impression drawing

2022-03-26  662

With the gradual rise of advertising gobo logo projector,we also have a general understanding of gobo logo projector--projected beautiful patterns can not only help us advertise,do activities,improve the image of the store,create personalized differentiation,but also can do guidance to do lighting wall advertising,rich effect and good effect.

But there will also be some do not understand the Noparde gobo logo projection lamp,may worry about the effect of Noparde projection lamp,let's will take a look at the kinds of Noparde logo projection lamp.

First of all ,we can see the effect of the store gobo logo projector,the content can be customized,free design,bright and bright colors,easy to attract the attention of passers-by.


Next,we see logo guidelines and warning patterns,which can not only provide warnings but also improve user experience,killing many birds with one stone.


Then see is the interior decoration of the gobo logo projector renderings,decoration monotonous/ordinary/no characteristic highlights,can use the projection lamp,not only can raise to create the decoration atomoshere can also improve the grade,the projection lamp is the finishing touch.The projection conten is customized and can be used in any scene or environment.


There are a lot of customers projection distance far,will worry about the projection effect is not good not clear enough bright,but also cna be completely assured,we Noparde gobo logo projector 15watts-700watts,whether it is projection 3-4 meters or 300-400 meters can be used, choose the appropriate wattage can be.


Finally,lighting projection lamp effect diagram.The light in front of the shop is dim and not bright enough/want to do corridor lighting, wall decoration/project lighting/scenic spot lighting show and other projection lights are most suitable.Dynamic water ripple projector lamp+realistic special effects projection lamp+pattern text projection lamp,beautiful,rich and colorful.


Are you still worried about seeing so many Noparde gobo logo projector effects? Interested partners can contact us to customize patterns~

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