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Different scene installation methods of advertising projector lights

2022-07-02  527

With the advertising projector lights visible to the naked eye to bring advertising benefits to businesses, more and more large and small enterprises began to use the projector lights to do the logo of advertising to do lighting projects.

But because the appearance of the projection lights on the market is different, the smaller ones may only be "palm big", the bigger may have dozens of centimeters long.Especially some shopping malls, exhibition halls, lighting projects will worry about, advertising projection lights installed beautiful?Will it spoil my original design?


Noparde doesn't have to worry about this.First of all, the whole body design of the Noparde projection lamp is also completed by a professional, young design team, or the advanced frosted silver and white appearance, or the atmospheric low-key matte black design, easily integrated with the building.

Feel the lamp body is slightly larger, Noparde projector lamp embedded style and track style for you to choose.


Track money is more suitable for customers who have already installed the track to use, the base gently a card, installation.Simple installation methods can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, restaurants and lighting projects.Two lines, three lines of track optional, which is the original lamp which is Noparde projector lamp.


Noparde embedded projection lamp is the dark style, hotels, exhibition halls, companies, museums, aquarium is more common.The whole body is cleverly integrated in the wall, only leaking a lens of about 3 cm, more hidden and beautiful, easy to apply in various scenes.

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