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Details of Park Landscape Lighting

2022-01-14  587

The lighting design of the park landscape and the implementation of the landscape lighting project make the park a good place for people's leisure and entertainment at night. It is also an important part of the urban landscape lighting project. Those quiet and elegant natural streamer lights are more suitable than colorful fire trees and silver flowers, and they are more integrated into people's lives.

What aspects should be paid attention to when using landscape lighting projectors in parks? The following are the places where landscape lighting projectors are used.

1. The road: There are various plants on both sides of the road, so the light and shadow effects of plants should be considered when designing road lighting. The landscape lighting projector reflects plants' light and shadow effect by adjusting the light source's color temperature, the energy distribution, and the color rendering of the spectrum.

2. The trees: it's not allowed to illuminate precious ancient trees at close range when designing tree lighting, and the lighting method and installation position of lamps should be carefully considered.

3. Water feature: pool fountains are indispensable when it comes to parks. Considering more factors of the fountain, such as own and environmental factors, will avoid unnecessary troubles.

The above are some of the more common cases. Please continue to follow us for more news.

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