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Community advertising projection light: creating a community traffic harvester

2023-07-19  199

Community traffic, as the name suggests, is traffic that is mainly targeted at community residents. Community traffic has become the most talked about topic in recent years.

In the community, there is a form of advertising as if the traffic harvester, that is, community advertising projection light.

The reason why community advertising projector lights can attract a large amount of traffic is that it is very flexible and diverse placement scenarios. Whether it is in the building, community entrances and exits, or underground parking lots, you can easily place this kind of advertising. As a result, almost every community resident has the opportunity to see them, increasing the advertising coverage rate to more than 95%. Compared to ordinary Internet ads, community residents are more familiar with projection ads, and many see them more than once a day.

In addition to the unrestricted placement scenarios, community gobo projector lights are also relatively inexpensive to place. Compared to traditional outdoor large screen advertising, they are much less expensive. Big screen advertising often requires thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of investment per month, which is obviously unaffordable for most businesses. Community advertising projector lights solve this problem by requiring only a few hundred dollars per month, making them affordable for any business. Although the cost of advertising is lower than other forms of outdoor advertising, thanks to its unique features, it has attracted many businesses to use it for advertising. Through the quantitative improvement, the qualitative change of revenue is finally realized, which is a win-win situation for both advertisers and merchants.

Based on this background, our technical team independently developed a six-picture projection lamp for community publicity and advertising. The product is highlighted by low cost, low power consumption and large projection range. Once launched, this series of products have been recognized by local governments and advertising media companies and applied in various communities.

Community advertising projection light is not only a promotional tool, but also a community traffic harvester. Its flexible placement scenarios and low placement costs enable more businesses to utilize it to increase brand exposure and sales. At the same time, it also brings rich returns for advertisers. We believe that in the future, community advertising projection light will continue to create a more prosperous business environment for our city.

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