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City Projector Lights – Creating a Unique City Atmosphere

2023-08-14  158

City projector light is to create the city's "business card", with the development of science and technology, a variety of unimaginable display technology has entered our lives, so that we are immersed in a variety of visual marvelous world. The combination of cultural and creative lighting and gobo projector light is a new product of cross-border integration, covering the whole industry chain of creativity, design, manufacturing, construction and operation, which is a super IP.

The city projector light can create the "business card" of the city and scenic spots through the cultural tourism lighting and cool projection lighting, enhance the atmosphere of the city and promote the development of the "new night tourism economy". This is also because many scenic spots in the night economy is not enough investment, mainly in the majority of scenic spots are only open during the day, and the night is either no lights, or just a simple lighting, obviously not enough attraction, such conditions, it is difficult to attract tourists to buy tickets at night. This is a regrettable phenomenon.

Scenic spots only have daytime culture, the lack of nighttime projection culture is the loss of the whole scenic area, but also the city's cultural and tourism departments are not in place to reflect the work. Here I will introduce how to use the city projector light to create scenic spots and city "business card".

Dynamic water ripple light and ancient poems can be combined to create a unique net red card spot. Lifelike swimming fish swimming on the water surface, as if in the water, such lifelike images can attract the audience's eyes, a wide range of swimming fish projection can make visitors feel the feeling of roaming in the ocean.

In addition to the water and fish, you can also use projection lights to create other unique landscape, such as projection of the image of historical figures, so that visitors feel close contact with historical figures; or projection of buildings with local characteristics, showing the city's style; and even can be combined with music and light, to create a light show, so that the audience is immersed in the wonderful music and light intertwining.

Through the skillful use of ambient projection lights, it can create a unique night atmosphere for scenic spots and cities, attract more tourists and audiences, enhance the overall consumption level of the city, and promote the development of local economy. At the same time, the use of projection lights also needs the active participation and efforts of the city's cultural and tourism departments, to strengthen the promotion and application of projection culture, to create a more attractive night cultural landscape for the city.

In short, the use of city projector light can create a unique night landscape for the city and scenic spots, and enhance the atmosphere and attractiveness of the city. Through the creativity and design of projection lights, it can bring visual enjoyment and shock to tourists, promote the development of the city's cultural tourism industry, and contribute to the prosperity of the city.

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