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Application of Tunnel Projection Lights

2023-07-14  241

There are two types of tunnel projection light applications, landscape tunnel projection light and safety warning tunnel projection light.

First, let's talk about the landscape tunnel projection light, one of the unique products is the dynamic blue sky and white clouds projection light. This gobo projector light can not only effectively beautify the tunnel wall, but also help to provide lighting for the tunnel road and enhance the driving experience during traveling. It is able to project a realistic blue sky and white clouds landscape inside the tunnel, making the driving process more interesting, effectively reducing drivers' visual fatigue, improving driving comfort and ensuring driving safety.

Another type is the safety warning tunnel projection light. Driving in the tunnel is very easy to distract the driver's attention, there are certain driving safety hazards. Therefore, we need to use high brightness warning sign projection lights in the more dangerous sections to guide drivers and improve their safety awareness to avoid car accidents.

The application of tunnel projection lights can not only play the function of decorating the tunnel, more importantly, it has a positive role in promoting driving safety. The landscaping effect of the tunnel projection light can not only enhance the driver's mood, but also enhance their ability to perceive the road, to avoid the risk of accidents caused by driving fatigue. The safety warning tunnel projection light can timely transmit important information to drivers, guide them to improve safety awareness, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents.

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