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Application of theme park light show

2023-08-21  222

Landscape lighting project refers to the design scheme and construction process, so that the housing buildings and tourist attractions in the light of the light presents a sense of art and beauty, creating a unique cultural and artistic atmosphere for the night.

Theme park light show is an activity integrating landscape lighting and art performance. It takes the theme park as the background, and creates wonderful lighting effects and dynamic performance forms through gobo projector and lighting illumination, which brings double enjoyment of vision and hearing to the visitors. Theme park light show is a unique and attractive night entertainment project, presenting the charm of luminous art.

City landscape lighting project is an important honor project of the city, which is led by lighting, reproducing the natural or historical and humanistic landscape during the daytime by artificial means. Excellent landscape lighting projection project has extraordinary practical significance for a city. I will introduce the components of landscape lighting project in detail below.

1、Road lighting

City road lighting is a crucial part of the landscape lighting project. In addition to consider the lighting function, but also reasonable design of the road lamp shape, so that its color simple and light, and to ensure that the layout is reasonable.

2、Building Lighting

Architectural lighting in the city is an indispensable part of landscape lighting, mainly used for residential and office lighting. The design of architectural lighting must be based on the characteristics and layout of the building.

3、Park lighting

City park is a place for people to rest and recreation, each city has many parks and squares. park lighting projectio design scheme must fully take into account the functional needs of people, in the shape of the design and color of the light to be carefully considered to ensure that people feel more warm and pleasant.

The landscape of the urban natural environment consists of natural materials and artificial buildings, in various forms, both with basic functions, but also focus on decorative design and ornamental landscape. In the past, the emphasis on function has changed to focus on both practicality and artistic aesthetics. In the future, the landscape lighting project should pay more attention to the continuity and standardization, have a specific expansion program, and improve the technical and artistic level.


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