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High-power projector lamps can project large areas and distances

2024-05-07  120

On the lighting stage, high-power projection lamps play a leading role. How large an area can be projected, and how is the magical performance of long distance achieved? This article will provide an in-depth analysis, taking a 700-watt high-power projection lamp as an example to show how it can present a 60-square-meter gorgeous picture at a distance of 80 meters.

The unique advantages of high-power projector lamps

High-power projection lamps perform well in outdoor lighting and large venues with their high brightness and wide-angle projection capabilities. The powerful power of 700 watts gives it enough energy to cover a wider area with light. This not only means a larger projection area, but also a longer projection distance.

A technological breakthrough in long-distance projection

In the projection process of high-power projection lamps, technological breakthroughs are the key. The advanced optical design and high-quality bulb light source enable the light to maintain high intensity and brightness, and maintain clear projection effects even at long distances. This technological breakthrough allows high-power projection lamps to shine in large outdoor scenes, bringing shocking visual enjoyment to the audience.


60 square meters of screen at a distance of 80 meters


Take a 700-watt high-power projection lamp as an example. It can present a gorgeous picture of 60 square meters at a distance of 80 meters. This wide-angle projection design not only makes the application range of the projector lamp more flexible, but also allows the audience to enjoy high-quality images in a wider space.

Practicality and wide application

The performance breakthrough of this high-power projection lamp makes it widely used in large occasions such as squares, stadiums, and outdoor performances. Whether it is an open-air concert, celebration, or sports event, high-power projection lamps can easily do the job and inject the magic of light into the event site.


The performance of high-power projection lamps in terms of projection area and distance demonstrates the brilliant achievements of modern lighting technology. Actual cases of 700-watt high-power projection lamps have proven that they can present a gorgeous picture of 60 square meters at a distance of 80 meters, providing a wider light and shadow space for large venues and outdoor activities. This technological breakthrough not only provides a larger stage for the application of projection lamps, but also brings a more shocking visual feast to the audience.

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